Terms and conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  • If a user is unable to verify their identity, the booking shall be considered void. The user must present their Original Driving License to the authorised Jaincars Staff at the pickup point. The possession of vehicle will not be granted to a user in case he fails to meet the above requirements.
  • The user must be minimum 21 years of age and should have a valid driving license issued by the concerned regional transport office. Jaincars retains the right to refuse membership to any applicant, even if he/she satisfies the above criteria. Granting of membership is solely on the discretion of Jaincars.
  • Jaincars vehicles are solely for the purpose of personal use. The vehicle cannot be used as a taxi or for transporting people for monetary gain. Jaincars vehicles cannot be used for races, exhibitions and/or any contests. Jaincars vehicles cannot be used for towing, pushing and/or propelling another vehicle or object.
  • Jaincars vehicles cannot be used by a person under the influence of (a) Alcohol and/or (b) Any mind altering substance which can impair the users ability to drive. Use of narcotic substances is strictly prohibited. If a user is found to be under the influence of these substances. Jaincars will not grant possession of the vehicle to the user. Incase users consume alcohol after the ride has started and gets into any unexpected events the User will be solely responsible for all outcomes thereon (Insurance liability, third party damages, self damages, police involvements etc).
  • Extension will be granted if and only if the vehicle is available for the requested period of time.
  • All expenses incurred during the rental period on the vehicle such as parking fee, fine, challans etc. will be borne by the user
  • Jaincars is not responsible for any accident and/or injury caused to the driver and/or any of the passengers due to personal negligence or negligence of the driver.If an accident occurs,FIR/NOC will be required from the customer.Additionally,drivers original driving license will be held for insurance claiming purpose,which will be returned after 14 working days.
  • Jaincars expects its users to ensure the following to help us avoid safety issues: (i) The user must ensure that all passengers wear safety belts or helmets. (ii)The number of passengers must not exceed the seating capacity of the vehicle. Jaincars reserves the right to fine or block a user due to non-compliance of the above.
  • The user is responsible for the safety of their belongings. Any item, electronic device or personal belonging left in the vehicle will be returned to the user (if found) after due verification. Jaincars however does not guarantee the return of any items left behind.
  • The user must ensure the safety of all equipment in the vehicle which has been provided by Jaincars . In case any equipment is misplaced by the user, he/she will be charged for the same at the discretion of Jaincars .
  • Use of chewing gum, tobacco or any tobacco based product inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Users will be penalised in case ash, spit marks or remains of chewing gum are detected inside the vehicle at the time when possession of the vehicle is returned.